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Jan 16

DS Simulia Suite 2019 (x64)


DS Simulia Suite 2019 (x64) Include Crack | Size 8.01 GB


Release Date : 2019
Languages : English
Operating System : Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
System Type : 64-bit
Software Version : 2019 Build ID 2018_09_24-21.41.51 157541

DS Simulia Suite 2019 Include
1- Abaqus
2- Isight
3- Fe-safe
4- Tosca

DS SIMULIA Abacus CAE A world-class software package in the field of finite element strength calculations, which can be used to obtain accurate and reliable solutions for the most complex linear and nonlinear engineering problems.

DS SIMULIA Tosca (Fluid / Structure):
TOSCA Fluid-package of geometric optimization with the use of third-party solvers (Fluent, STAR-CCM +)
TOSCA It is determined automatically by TOSCA Fluid. With only one CFD solver, it has been reduced. This is a large scale industrial flow scale applicatons.
Tosca Structure – geometric optimization package using third-party solvers (ANSYS, Abaqus, Permas, MSC.NASTRAN, NX.NASTRAN, MD.NASTRAN)

FEA packages (ABAQUS, ANSYS, MSC NASTRAN) Tosca Structure is the market leading technology. It allows for rapid and reliable design. Using topology optimization with Tosca Structure. Specific detail improvement through shape and bead optimization (with Tosca Structure.shape and Tosca Structure.bead respectively) make your designs ready for production. With Tosca Structure.sizing you can find millions of design variables. The result are designs with optimum behavior between weight, stiffness and dynamic behavior.

FE-safe Fatigue Modeling Package Package for Finite Element models. FE-safe has been developed since the 1990’s in collaboration with industry to ensure that it has been established.
FE-safe was the first commercially available multiaxial strain based method. FE-safe has been designed to ensure that it has unique thermal properties and is suitable for the use of thermal and mechanical fatigue.
FE-safe is a renowned for its accuracy, speed, comprehensive capabilities and ease of use.
Regardless of the complexity of your fatigue analysis,
FE-safe fits smoothly into your design process.
FE-safe offers a fatigue analysis suite that provides you with reliable, accurate, life-saving predictions for your analysis,

SIMULIA provides users with leading solutions that maximize returns when using various software packages. The Isight and SIMULIA Execution Engine (formerly called Fiper) allow you to combine numerous interdisciplinary models and applications in the flow of simulation processes, automate their execution in distributed computing resources, explore the resulting design space, and identify optimal design parameters in accordance with the requirements and constraints.
The capabilities of our proven automation and simulation optimization solutions:
A radical reduction in design time due to the integration of workflows into an automated environment
Issue a more reliable, high-quality products thanks to the reduction of terms of consideration of project alternatives
Reduced volume of investments in hardware by leveraging existing systems and the distribution of work
Effective communication through sturdy sootrudnichestvu partners in the design

What’s New in SIMULIA R2019
The Simulation portfolio in 3DEXPERIENCE R2019x brings a variety of enhancements and new capabilities to all users:
Decision Makers use dashboard drag-and-drop capabilities to customize their data results view and gain insight into simulation results, including enhanced analytics.
Designers and Engineers enjoy many new features in R2019x including new access to expert Fluids simulation capabilities within a guided interface built for Designers.
Analysts can leverage a suite of Roles to connect existing models, data, results, and simulation IP to the 3DEXPERIENCE for structures (Abaqus), fluids (XFlow), electromagnetics (CST), and multibody (Simpack) simulation. In addition, Additive Manufacturing workflows are more efficient with new Voxel meshing and enhancements to eigenstrain methods.



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